The second largest giant moon 2020 over Syria and its environs


Will be the moon bellow Earth near Closer Point for him From Surface Earth day Monday Next, according to What She explained Association Astronomical Syrian.

And in Declaration For Sana Confirmed member board Administration Association Nabil aconite it’s a if We counted The difference between the moon in a Point rock bottom 404357 Kilometers I draw Al-Adhami And who Marks in a The 31 From Tishreen the first From This Year 406166 Kilometers So it is The difference 48762 Kilometers It will be Size Larger in the rate of 14 percent From Average Its size ordinary And lighting More Up to 30 percent.

He explained aconite that the moon in a this is Status Yakn Several Labels Of which Moon Worms or Worm Rate To appear worm the spring With Start the classroom. It is called on him Also naming Moon the crow or Moon Sap Mark us On What sound Open up Flowers With Start Season the spring in a Section Northern From Earth, And all of them Labels From heritage People America the original From Indians Py.

And he said aconite it’s a Can For those interested And lovers Stay up late Through Monthly April And May The next two Vision the moon by this the size For his proximity From planet Earth Because Its orbit Likeness elliptical Before His return Average His distance Natural Regarding will return Let us know With an event astronomical Double above sky Syrian A difference 15th One day Where Chime in Through June Next the sun And the Earth And the moon So it happens eclipse lunar On Friday 5 June Followed by distance five ten One day eclipse Solar day Sunday in a 21 From June Next.

He drew aconite to me that Eclipse in a Fifth From June Will be the moon Likewise Shade planet Earth From Light the sun For a while Total 3 Hours And3 minutes While in a Eclipse Will block the moon Light the sun About Earth For a while Total Report Two hours And3 minutes And41 a second.


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