The Saudi victory mocks the crescent because of the penalty of Salman Al-Faraj


An official at the Saudi Al-Nasr Club mocked the penalty of Salman Al-Faraj, the player of Al-Hilal, by stopping 4 games, and he was guilty of not implementing them.

Saud Al-Sarami, a spokesman for Al-Nasr, wrote on his Twitter account: “The punishment of Captain Salman Al-Faraj, has not been carried out.” He pointed out that the leader at the time made an appeal, and won it.

He considered that the reopening of this issue for discussion is just an Indian film and a mess with history.

Al-Faraj received a penalty in 2018, by suspending 4 games and fining 40,000 riyals.

Dr. Ayman Al-Rifai, the former head of the Discipline and Ethics Committee, recently stated that the penalty was imposed on the leader’s player, based on the referee’s report that he was insulted from the vagina in the language of lips.


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