The Saudi Stock Exchange continues to decline .. and billion losses in the UAE


The Saudi Stock Exchange continued its decline for the third consecutive session, driven by the near-collective decline of the leading stocks, and the continued decline of Aramco.

The general index of the Saudi stock market closed Sunday’s trading down 1.1 percent, recording the lowest close since November 2016.

“Aramco” ended trading at 28.70 riyals, down more than 1 percent, after the Saudi oil giant “Aramco” announced, on Sunday, its profits decreased by 20.6 percent during 2019.
In the first trading session of the week, UAE stocks lost, on Sunday, about 13.17 billion dirhams ($ 3.58 billion) of their market value.

And the general index of Dubai market at the end of trading on Sunday, to the lowest level since 2013, down by 3.4 percent, with a total loss of 7.55 billion dirhams (2.06 billion dollars).

Shares of Emirates NBD fell the largest on the index, down ten percent. DXB Entertainments lost 5.1 percent after it closed temporarily? Amusement parks.

Emaar Properties lost 5 percent. The company announced last week that it had suspended reservations in three hotels for more than five months due to the virus.
The general index of Abu Dhabi market fell by 1.9 percent, with a total loss of about 5.62 billion dirhams ($ 1.53 billion). First Abu Dhabi Bank fell 3.7 percent and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank lost 5.8 percent.

And the Kuwait Stock Exchange, after stopping on Thursday, 6.5 percent and Kuwait Finance House fell 7.8 percent.

And the Kuwait Stock Exchange fell, at the end of trading, 6.5 percent, after stopping Thursday, driven by the decline of 9 sectors, most notably the banks, by 6.55 percent.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange closed at the lowest daily decline since November 2012, with a decline of 9.3 percent. After all sectors collapsed, Commercial International Bank fell 9.9 percent.

Excluding the downward trend of Arab and Gulf stocks, the Qatar Stock Exchange index rose 1 percent, and Qatar Insurance shares rose 7 percent.

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