The Saudi Ministry of Health announces registration of 24 new cases of coronavirus


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According to the Ministry of Health, the kingdom announced that it had recorded 24 new cases of coronavirus today (early in the Thursday local time), bringing the total number in Saudi Arabia to 45, adding that one case had recovered.

According to the agency Saudi News “SPA”, Saudi Health also announced the registration of 24 new infections with the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

The ministry explained that the first and second cases, who are men and women, were quarantined after returning from Iraq.

She added that the third case is a 12-year-old Saudi girl, who was in contact with her injured grandfather, who was previously announced in Qatif Province, and he is returning from Iran.

The ministry stated that the other 21 cases are of Egyptian nationality, and they are present in quarantine in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and they are among the contacts of the Egyptian visitor, who was announced yesterday.

This brings the total number of injuries to 45 cases, one recovered and the rest of the cases are now in isolation, and health care is provided to them according to the approved procedures.

The Saudi Health Authority announced earlier today that there are approximately 2500 cases of domestic isolation, who have been subjected to house isolation procedures in anticipation of the possibility of infection with the emerging corona virus.


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