The Saudi market falls after 3 rises due to most sectors


RIYADH – Mubasher: The general index of the Saudi stock market ended Sunday’s trading session on a decline after 3 consecutive increases, affected by the decline of most sectors, most notably banks, basic materials and energy, except for the pharmaceutical and food production sectors.

In conclusion, the general index fell 1.53% to the level of 6171.91 points, losing 95.65 points.

Trading reached about 3.48 billion riyals, while trading volumes reached 165.163 million shares distributed over 194,386 thousand deals.

And rises to pharmaceutical shares rose by 9.99%, and the National by about 9.98%, as the performance of the share of Nama Chemicals increased by 8.82%.

On the other hand, the decline was led by Al-Mather’s share, which decreased by 9.95%. The performance of Budget Saudi Arabia declined by 8.39%, and Southern Cement fell by 8.09%.

On the level of the most actively traded stocks, Alinma’s share was about 15.47 million shares, while in Al-Rajhi, the most active share in terms of value was about 364.174 million riyals.

The transportation sector topped the declines today by about 4.80%, the basic materials sector fell by 1.75%, the banking sector also decreased by 1.4%, and the energy sector fell by 1.35%.

As for the level of performance of the parallel market, “Nomu”, it recorded a decline of 3.96% to 5429.841 points, losing 223.73 points.

Al-Omran was the most declining share by 8.89%, food development by 8.57%, and Al-Samaani by 6.72%, and no share witnessed any increase today.

The general index of the Saudi stock market ended the trading session last Thursday, up for the third consecutive session, with the support of the banking sector, basic materials and energy, by 1.83% to the level of 6267.56 points, with gains of 112.71 points.


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