The “Saudi Group” interacts with Earth Hour


The “Saudi Group” interacts with Earth Hour

Riyadh – Sports

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The Saudi Research and Publishing Group in the capital, Riyadh, interacted with the Earth Hour by suppressing its entire lighting, today, Saturday, and the group appeared without lights after eight thirty in the evening, for a period of 60 minutes.
Earth Hour is an annual event launched through WWF, which urges individuals, groups, and homeowners, as well as companies to turn off lights and unnecessary electrical appliances for one hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm each country and its timing.
And that event will be one of the Saturday of March, aiming to raise awareness of the threat of climate change, and the Australian city of Sydney was the first to start this campaign in 2007, and since then, this number has grown to become more than 7000 cities and villages around the world.


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