The result of the first leg is not reassuring … and we are working to delight Al-Ahly fans


The first football team is preparing for the club Al-Ahly, For a high-caliber showdown, when he is a guest on a team South African Sun Downs, As part of the away leg CAF Champions League quarter-finals.

Al-Ahly defender Rami Rabiaa confirmed during the press conference that all Al-Ahly players are in complete focus in preparation for tomorrow’s match against Sun Downs, although the team won the first leg with two clean goals, explaining that this does not mean the team qualifies, and we have to resolve our qualification in the Pretoria match.

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He said: “Winning with two goals in the first leg in Cairo is an uneasy result, as coach Rene Weiler said, and we have to focus and make the utmost effort during the return match tomorrow, to resolve the rise to the semi-final.”He continued, “All players consider, in their calculations, the happiness of Al-Ahly fans by winning the championship title, and take a new step towards realizing this dream by overcoming the Sun Downs tomorrow in the second leg of the quarter-finals.”

He continued: “The role of the senior players in the team has not stopped, whether presently with the team in South Africa or in Cairo by encouraging and motivating all players before the return match.”

Rabia concluded his statements by confirming Al-Ahly’s readiness to face Sun Downs tomorrow at Lucas Moribi’s stadium, and determined his qualification to the semi-finals of Pretoria.


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