The recovery of the first Arab artist infected with Corona virus .. Watch her reaction in the video!


After announcing the news of her infection with the Corona Virus, the Bahraini actress “Hind” shared a video of her from the heart of the hospital while she waited for her announcement of the result of examining the Corona Virus.

Hind had announced that she was a carrier of the disease several days ago, although she did not show any of the known symptoms such as “fever, cough, and others”. She was hospitalized in compliance with the laws of sanitary isolation.

The Bahraini actress was sharing all her moments from inside her hospital room until yesterday when she was tested again to make sure of her health condition if she was cured of the virus or not.

Hind’s reaction when she learned that she had cured 100% of the corona raised the joy of the public who wished for her recovery from the first day, and her recovery also gave hope to the injured that this epidemic that claimed the lives of many could be overcome.

Celebrities from the artistic community, in turn, seemed to support Hind and wished her a cure, including “Ahlam Al Shamsi, Dalia Mubarak, Souad Suleiman” and others.

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