The rebels against Corona … reckless behavior, angering the authorities


Source: Paris – Associated Press

As the world’s governments fight against Corona VirusYoung Germans hold “Corona Concerts”, coughing in the faces of the elderly.

From France to Florida to Australia, surfers, college students and others gathered on several beaches.

Their defiance of closure orders to combat the outbreak of the virus has led to crackdowns on the part of the authorities towards those trying to comply with the restrictions.

Also, in some cases, the rebels threaten the virus with the police, while those responsible express their anger at the gatherings that could spread the disease.

In turn, French Interior Minister Christopher Kastner said, “Some consider themselves young heroes when they break the rules.”

“No, you are stupid. Especially since you are threatening yourselves.”

Troops to prevent travel

After days of non-compliance by people, who refused to stay in their homes and left only when necessary, France on Friday sent forces to train stations to prevent anyone from traveling for a vacation, as they would likely transmit the virus to the countryside or beaches with less effective medical facilities.

Florida - France Press
Florida – France Press

Christian Astrosi, the mayor of Nice with Corona, imposed a night curfew in the Mediterranean city.

Close to the beaches

With the governor of Florida closed all the beaches of the state after the emergence of pictures of crowds of university students in the spring vacation on TV for several days amid the global death toll from Corona 13 thousand today, Sunday. Australia closed Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach after police were angry over pictures of crowds there.

France - France Press
France – France Press

On the other hand, New York State Governor Andrew Como Saturday warned the population – who are 18 to 49 years old and account for more than half of the virus cases in the state – saying, “You are not Superman, you are not Super Woman.”

Beware of hurting the people you love.

Como added that a large number of residents did not adhere to the recommendations of “social distances” in the city’s huge gardens before the ban on gatherings, which came into effect on Sunday evening.

And Como warned that “you might end up hurting people you love, or accidentally hurting someone.”

With the number of HIV cases in China dropping to zero for several days in a row, the director of the (International Clinic) in Wuhan was concerned about those who refused to follow the rules of containing the virus elsewhere.

France - France Press
France – France Press

“People should look at China’s reservation of tens of millions as a role model,” said Dr. Philip Klein.

“I urge you, French, to implement the rules that we have applied here,” added Klein, a Frenchman.

The French rebels are either restless teens or wealthy adults who can travel home to resorts.


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