The reason for preventing the exit and entry to and from 6 neighborhoods in the city


Medina (Echo):

Madinah health spokesman Moayad Abu Anq revealed today, Monday, the reason for preventing the exit and entry throughout the day of the neighborhoods of “Al-Sherbat, Bani Dhafar, Qurban, Friday, and part of the housing, Bani Khudrah”; .

Moayad Abu Anq explained that a field team provides preventive and medical services and inventory infected cases to facilitate the provision of health care to them, as well as examining some cases that have symptoms in the neighborhoods, pointing out that the decision came after an evaluation of the health situation within these neighborhoods, and the urgent need to suspend entry And exit in order to preserve the public health.

Abu Anq said that the isolation decision is considered a precautionary measure that has proven effective in limiting the spread of the virus in the countries that have applied it, adding: “The Kingdom has also taken all measures that are in line with international standards to prevent the spread of the virus, just as many developed countries have suspended entry to a number of cities or Regions within its borders. “


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