The Real Madrid duo joins Brazil’s Olympic list … and the cancellation of Egypt’s friendly


Binary joined Real Madrid Vinicius Junior And Renier, and Real Betis Emerson’s back, Friday, to the Brazilian Olympic squad for two friendlies against two opponents yet to be decided, after the UAE canceled the two games due to the spread Corona Virus.

Claudio Ibrahim Faz ‘Branco, coordinator of the main teams in Brazil, suddenly announced that the UAE had canceled the two friendly matches that Seleção had planned to play against South Korea and Egypt due to the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

“We will announce the date of the two friendly matches later on, and it is possible that they will be held in Brazil,” Branco said at a press conference. I will not provide more details because the administration is currently working on this matter.

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Despite this problem, coach Andre Jardine announced the list of 23 players in preparation for these two clubs.The list included:

Goalkeepers: Clayton, Lucas Perry and Felipe.

Defense line: Ayrton Lucas, Caio Henrik, Emerson, Joga, Lianco, Louise Felipe, Ibanez and Gabriel.

Midfield: Douglas Louise, Wendell, Lucas Paqueta, Rainer, Matthews Henrik and Maicon.

Offensive line: Anthony, Pedrino, Matthews Konya, Gabriel Martinelli, Vinicius Jr. and Paulinho.


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