The Queen of Britain isolates herself in Windsor


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Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II will isolate herself at her official residence in Windsor Castle in Berkshire County, west of the capital, London, as of Thursday, where she will move there from Buckingham Palace.

A statement of the royal palace said that the queen’s early move to Windsor Castle a week earlier than she usually does with the celebration of Easter comes in implementation of the government’s instructions on the Corona virus.

The Queen’s annual garden concerts at Buckingham Palace have also been canceled, and the Holyroodhouse Mansion Garden party in Edinburgh, in July, is under review.

A royal source said that the queen would reside in her favorite home with a reduced family and everyone would follow the appropriate advice issued by the government, as the queen is not the only one affected by the advice of the government, as there is the heir to the throne Prince of Wales, Prince 71 years old and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall 72 years.

The other working royal family includes the cousins ​​of Queen Duke Gloucester (75 years old), Duke of Kent (84 years old), and Princess Alexandra (83 years old), while the Queen’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh (98 years old), spends most of his time in the haven of (Wood Farm), which is Country house on Sandringham Ranch since his retirement less than two years of royal duties.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on all people in the UK, especially those over seventy years of age, to avoid all unnecessary communications and travel as part of unprecedented peace-time measures aimed at trying to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Elizabeth II, the country’s longest-serving judge, is scheduled to celebrate her 99th birthday next month, and the celebration coincides with warnings of the symptoms of coronavirus, where the elderly are most susceptible.

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