The price of gold today in Turkey is Sunday 14/3/2020 against the lira and US dollar


The price of gold today in Turkey, Sunday, March 14, 2020, continues to lead the global economy, especially Turkish, which is clearly retreating to the decline of the Turkish currency against foreign currencies, and gold there is a follower in the recent period by the Turkish financial markets, and today the price of gold stabilizes and there is no Big differences between today and yesterday.

The gold price today in Turkey

We follow all available updates about gold prices around the clock to get to know with you through the latest day on gold prices within the Turkish money market, by identifying the price of a gram of gold, whether it is from 24 or 22 karat or 21 karat until 18 karat and we will also learn about the price of the gold pound and the price of a kilo Gold and the price of an ounce of gold in Turkish lira, as well as we know the price of the day for the gold ingot in Turkey 100 grams ..

Gold unitGold Price (TRY)
An ounce of gold9,683.59 TRY
Gold gram of 24 carat311.37 TRY
22 gram gold285.40 TRY
Gold gram of 21 carat272.39 TRY
Gold gram of 18 carat233.45 TRY
14 gram gold181.68 TRY
Gold gram of 12 carat155.68 TRY
Gold gram of 10 carat129.74 TRY

Here are the prices for gold against the US dollar ..

Caliber Price per gram in dollars
24 caliber $ 48.75
22 caliber $ 44.68
21 caliber $ 42.65
18-gauge $ 36.56

The reason for the continued rise in the price of gold is due to many factors, including the rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar, as the prices of gold jewelry and the American paper are related to a direct relationship, the higher the dollar exchange rate, the higher the price of gold, and the lower the price of the dollar, the lower the price of gold.

Gold price chart in Turkey

This is a list of gold prices in the last 5 days in Turkey.

DateAn ounce of goldGram s 24Gram s 22Gram s 21Gram s 18Gram s 14
March 129,853.97316.85290.42277.19237.56184.88
March 1110,173.37327.12299.83286.17245.26190.87
March 1010,211.69328.35300.96287.25246.18191.59
March 0910,251.05329.62302.12288.36247.13192.33
March 0810,336.61332.37304.65290.76249.20193.93

Together, the update continued throughout the day for the price of a gram of gold in Turkish against all Arab and foreign currencies through the events of the day

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