The preparations for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 are continuing despite fears of the Coruna virus


News now TOKYO, JAPAN (Reuters)

Seiko Hashimoto, Minister of the Tokyo Olympics, said Thursday that Japan is still preparing for next summer’s Olympic Games, according to plans, after talk earlier this week of the possibility of delay due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Hashimoto added, in front of the Budget Committee, that cancellation or postponement would not be acceptable to athletes, the atmosphere in which athletes can feel comfortable and focused should be prepared, and indicated that the organizers of the tournament will continue to work closely with the International Olympic Committee, and Hashimoto raised controversy this week when she said The Olympics’ contract “may be translated as permitting postponement” during 2020.

But Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, said, on Wednesday, that the words “cancellation” or “postponement” were not mentioned during the two-day meetings to focus on preparations for the tournament.

Yesterday, the Tokyo government asked the city’s residents to refrain from attending concerts in the parks to mark the season when the famous cherry blossoms open, in the latest turmoil caused by the outbreak of the newly born Corona virus, whose rapid spread raises major concerns around the world.

Concerts with large crowds take place at the start of the season in mid-March, in the areas with the largest number of cherry trees, and the government said such gatherings carry the risks of the virus that has infected at least 284 people in Japan, and appealed to residents to refrain from joining parties that include Food and drink in order to prevent the spread of infection with the emerging coronavirus, and also advised people to put on masks if they cough.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has stressed measures to contain the virus, urging schools to close for several weeks and calling on major event organizers to cancel or delay it.

Photo source: Reuters

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