The only female in the world … Fishermen kill the white and little giraffe


Illegal fishermen killed the only white giraffe in Kenya with its young in a reserve in the east of the country, a local association announced Tuesday.

Watching these very rare animals has not been reported in any other country in the world.

The two oval giraffes were found “skeletons after being killed by illegal fishermen” in a reserve in Garissa, eastern Kenya.

After the death of the two giraffes, which derive their color from a very rare pigmentation, there is only a white giraffe mentioned, the smallest giraffe that was killed by the fishermen, according to a statement issued by the local “Ishakbeni Herola” association that runs the reserve.

“We are the only community in the world that works to preserve the white giraffe,” said society director Mohamed Ahmed al-Nur.

“This crime is a blow to the measures that society has taken to conserve rare species and a wake-up call for continued support for protection efforts,” he added.

This white giraffe aroused great interest in 2017 when it was first seen in the Kenyan reserve and when it gave birth to the two youngsters.

White giraffes suffer from a genetic condition called “bleaching” due to a lack of pigment cells, and it is common, especially for some white tigers.


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