The New York Stock Exchange decided to stop operating within the trading floor entirely


“The trading halls on the New York Stock Exchange offer unique value to both issuers of stocks and investors, but our markets are now fully able to perform the work electronically and serve all of its participants, and we will rely on this method of trading so that we can reopen Our halls are in front of our members again. ”

This comes as US stocks recovered part of their morning losses before the end of trading on Wednesday, but closed down a significant decline, as the broader S&P 500 index of US stocks fell by 18.5%, the Dow Jones industrial average for American stocks fell by 6.3% and the Nasdaq fell Technology shares increased by 4.7%.

During today’s trading, the Dow Jones lost all the gains it had recorded since US President Donald Trump came to the White House, but recovered part of its losses after that to close above this level slightly.

Trading in the US financial markets was suspended for 15 minutes today, Wednesday, after the sharp decline in stocks in the morning.


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