The NBA: Lakers settle the summit vs. Pax


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Los Angeles (AFP)

Los Angeles Lakers, leaders of the Western Group, clinched the summit, which brought them to the top of the Eastern Milwaukee Bucks, by defeating it 113-103 in the NBA.

The Lakers revenge for their loss against Pax last December 19, when the latter won the results of 111-104.

The second match in the match between King LeBron James and Greek Yannis Antikonembo for the first came in the first note, knowing that the two were competing for the title of best player in the league this season.

James scored 37 points with 8 rebounds and similar assists, raising his total points to more than 34,000 points in his career, and he made a defensive effort on Yannis, and Anthony Davis added 30 points, 14 of them in the last quarter.

On the other hand, Yannis scored 32 points with 11 rebounds and 6 assists, but he missed three free throws in the last two minutes.

Pax still had the best record in the league with 53 wins to 10 defeats, compared to 48 Lakers wins with 13 losses.

Lakers must play another Los Angeles City derby against its neighbor Clippers on Sunday.

Utah Jazz continued its impressive results recently and beat the Boston Celtics 99-94 with its fourth successive win.

Utah Jazz superstar Mike Conley appears to be gradually restoring himself after several injuries this season, scoring 25 points.

Utah will end off-basketball games Saturday against the Detroit Pistons, maintaining fourth place in the Western Region with 40 wins versus 22 losses against the Houston Rockets.

New Orleans Pelicans suspended a series of three defeats and beat the Miami Heat 111-104 thanks to 19 points for Josh Hart and 17 for promising young Zion Williamson.

The first game was in the last 14 of Williamson’s scoring less than 20 points.

The struggle appears to be the protector of the eighth card in the Western Region, which qualifies for the exclusionary roles in the playoff between Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trail Blazers, but both were defeated, the first against the Dallas Mavericks 96-121, and the second against the Phoenix Suns 117-127.

Brooklyn Nets defeated San Antonio Spurs 139-120 thanks to “Triple Double” by star Carris Louvre (27 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists), noting that he scored 51 points in the Boston basket on Tuesday.


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