The National Weather Service celebrates the World Meteorological Day


The National Meteorological Center celebrated the anniversary of World Meteorological Day, which falls on March 23 of each year, and is held this year under the slogan “Let’s keep every drop of water, every drop is more valuable than being wasted.”

On this occasion, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Mandoos, Director of the National Meteorological Center and President of the Asian Meteorological Union, stressed the importance of untiring efforts made by meteorological authorities in various countries of the world to contribute to ensuring water security.

Al Mandoos said: “In line with the directives of the rational leadership in the UAE and the state’s water security strategy 2036, the National Meteorological Center seeks through its pioneering program for rain research science and its practical efforts in the field of pollination clouds to play a pivotal role in implementing this strategy aimed at ensuring the sustainability and continuity of access to Water in the Emirates ».

In his speech on this occasion, Pieteri Talas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, said that the revival of World Meteorological Day is part of the organization’s unremitting efforts to enhance the access of societies to clean and safe water supplies and improve countries’ ability to predict the weather while the world faces increasing challenges due to Water stress, floods, droughts, and a lack of clean water sources.



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