The Ministry of Health announces the recovery of 38 cases of “Corona” … and records 13 new cases – local – other


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection held a briefing yesterday, on the developments of the measures taken in the UAE, to deal with the repercussions of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), during which it announced the registration of 13 new infections, and the recovery of seven injured, so that the number of recovery cases so far 38 cases .

In detail, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection organized the third media briefing for the government of the United Arab Emirates, to introduce the latest developments related to the emerging corona virus (COFED-19), in the presence of the spokesperson for the health sector in the UAE, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, and the briefing was held electronically, with the aim of Take the necessary precautions and avoid gatherings.

And Dr. Farida Al Hosani announced the monitoring of 13 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, through early and active and continuous investigation, to bring the number of diagnosed cases to 153 cases so far, while the number of healing cases so far reached 38 cases, pointing out that the new cases of infection return For different nationalities, it included three persons from Britain, Pakistan, four cases from Bangladesh, and one each from: Portugal, Poland, and America, all of whom are stable.

She said: “We deeply regret what has been circulated of videos of some segments of society and their frequency on the beaches, shopping centers and parks.” She stressed the necessity of adhering to the home, applying the principle of social divergence, and not going out except for the extreme necessity, noting that every person considers himself to be injured, And to take all the necessary precautions in that case, including staying at home, leaving a distance of one meter between him and the closest person, and adherence to procedures, as she advised not to visit dental clinics at the present time, and adhere to the principle of staying at home and social separation.

Al Hosani valued the social initiatives, and the resulting ambulances, places for stone, which demonstrate the eagerness and solidarity of the Emirati people, their love for their homeland and their adherence to their social responsibilities, and called for a positive Emirati spirit, and refrain at the present time from going to shopping centers and restaurants, and not to Use taxis, or public transport, except when necessary.

She emphasized the existence of a unified mechanism at the state level, to follow up on all the medicines whose experience is announced and achieve promising results in the treatment of emerging corona disease, and many of these drugs are in the country, and they are used in the treatment of cases in isolation, including malaria and AIDS drugs, where there is a scientific committee specializing in developing Standards for the use of these drugs.

Al Hosani stressed that the UAE has a strong system for epidemiological investigation, response and immediate control measures, which contributes to maintaining health security, ensuring community safety, containing any epidemic, and controlling it, according to international best practices, noting that the preventive measures in the country are constantly updated And fast, according to developments, where coordination is taking place with all local and federal authorities, to implement any new precautions, as the Ministry of Health and the competent authorities have taken a number of precautionary measures that were announced at the national level during the last period, which aim at It is all about preserving the safety of citizens and residents, and protecting society.

She drew attention to the existence of a national committee, which developed a guideline for remote work, as part of the procedures for the prevention of the emerging corona virus, which also includes the private sector, and it was recommended that all entities with auditors provide smart services for them, to help them work remotely.

Legal offense

The official spokesman for the health sector of the Emirates, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, confirmed that the Public Prosecutor stressed the existence of legal violations for those who did not adhere to the home stone, so we ask everyone to cooperate and adhere, and we recommend the need to avoid public places, avoid public transportation, and commit to stay at home, and keep A distance between us and others, take preventive action.

She said preventive precautions were lifted in the country, during the past two days, as entry of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council states to the country was suspended, until a mechanism for pre-examination of the new Corona Virus (COFED-19) was adopted, and channels were set up to communicate and respond to all inquiries from residence owners In force outside the country, and provide the necessary support for humanitarian and exceptional cases, in addition to imposing a home quarantine on all those coming from abroad.

The Emirates has a robust system for epidemiological investigation and immediate control measures

Farida Hosani:

“We deeply regret what has been circulated of videos of some segments of society and their frequency on the beaches and shopping centers.”




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