The Minister of Health rings the alarm: The pet is over! They came out The Phalanges


Today, the Minister of Health announced that we are no longer in the phase of containing the Coronavirus

Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced two new cases of coronavirus, warning that we have moved to the most serious and dangerous stage, which is the case of the spread of the virus.

Hassan, in a press conference held by Al-Bouar Governmental Hospital, said: “There has been an uncalculated development in the last 48 hours, so that it was found that there have been cases that have leaked into our Lebanese society from countries that are not classified as infected and have been stationed in areas that were not considered.”

He revealed that we today “got out of the state of containment and after we” were “from a case that came from Egypt and another from London, we entered the stage of spreading the virus and recorded two or three cases of unknown origin and we are working to track them.”

He explained that the first case turned out to be close to one of the travelers or those in contact with the case that was identified in the Our Lady of Aid Hospital, while the second one is being speculated.

Hassan added: “Al-Dalaa has ended and we are raising our degree of interference and our responsibility to a higher level. We do not pay any attention to those who fish outside the squadron and bear the responsibility imposed on us and we follow all measures that protect society from the spread of” Corona “

As for the politicians, they say to them: “The time is not for the sterile Byzantine controversy, but rather the time to assume responsibilities at the minimum by raising morale, because 50 percent of the immunity is moral.

And the Minister of Health considered that “the issue has become delicate and needs careful follow-up, high responsibility, and government hospitals are the property of the state and no one can impose conditions on the state.”

Regarding the path that must be followed at this stage, he said: “The plan requires: a house stone, a stone with responsible hospital institutions.”



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