The latest features of the Korean version of Pebgy Mobile


The Korean version of Bebji Mobile continues to excellence and creativity in adding new events with a wonderful luster, as it recently and in conjunction with the launch of the new update No. 17 Bebbaji Mobile for all copies launched an event which is logging in every day and getting wonderful gifts every day for a week, and at the end of the week you get On a distinctive framework for your file inside the game, as I recently launched a few days ago an event, which is the cupboard, through which you roll the cupboard at a price of 60 UC in the global version. In the Korean version, it gives you a free card with 50 UC that you can use to roll the cupboard, but you have to pay 10 UC To complete the 60’s, This event is a drop from the sea of ​​events launched by the Korean version every day, and in this article we will remind you of the latest features of the Korean version of the Mobile Mobile: –

Features of the Korean version of Buggy Mobile: –

  • Available to everyone free of charge, through all official stores of all smart phone systems.
  • The high-quality and premium version communication and play servers provide you with an excellent gaming experience without interruption or lag.
  • Huge and very impressive events unlike those of the main international version.
  • The copy store is very beautiful and easy to buy, as there are many, but many distinctive sets and housing, that you can buy in the free silver coin.
  • Silver coin can be collected quickly and easily.
  • The purchase price inside the Korean version is as little as $ 1 minimum as the basic international version.
  • You can link the copy to your Facebook account linked to the global version, both at the same time.
  • You can use more than 10 different sounds in the “Chat message” voice command.
  • You can play with your friend who uses the global version.
  • You can enter the crew created by a player from the global version.
Korean Pigeon
Korean Pigeon

Disadvantages of the Korean version of Buggy Mobile: –

  • Facebook friends may not appear in the game when you link your account, due to the different communication and data servers from Bebbgy International.
  • You cannot enter a clan created by a player that uses the global version.
  • VBN required for Korea or US only when downloading game.

    Korean Pigeon
    Korean Pigeon

How to play the Korean version on all systems

Korean pigeon features
Korean pigeon features

Here are links to the copy via the official iPhone and Android stores:

For Android: Korean version Via Google Play Store(Google Play).

For iPhone: Korean version Through the App Store.

For Android also: Korean version Through the Samsung Store.


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