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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia struck the optimal model in the way of dealing with the global pandemic “Covid 19 – through two important paths with wisdom, reason and courage, exemplified in the proactive steps beginning, and the immediate treatment of cases registered inside the Kingdom with the utmost caution, caution and precaution incurred financial losses for the safety of its people and lands, Both paths were characterized by a spirit of responsibility and creativity in dealing with, and consistent with, global steps that seek to besiege this epidemic, away from political auctions and the booby-trapped exploitation of this serious pandemic, contrary to what some countries, particularly Iran, have done. On the level of pre-emptive steps, the Kingdom gave the model in its early closure of its borders, disrupting the issuance of tourist and Umrah visas, suspending circling, preventing international trips, suspending employee time, closing markets and malls, issuing alerts, directives, and health instructions to prevent the spread of the disease and distributing it among people, and other other steps, which The whole world praised it and found the example and application for it, so the steps of other countries came, as a result of the Kingdom’s steps in this direction, so its pre-eminence was a reference to it, and its modeling followed it.As for the level of the other track, which is represented in the handling of recorded cases, the first thing that praises the Kingdom was that it was transparent and clear in announcing the number of cases that it registered, including what contributed greatly and clearly to besieging the epidemic and limiting its spread, a transparency that stems from the spirit of the moral responsibility it enjoys The Kingdom’s leadership, and its concern for the safety of all, contrary to what appeared to be the case with the Iranian regime, which influenced the exploitation of this critical circumstance by keeping a lid on cases of injury and allowed the injured to move and move freely, and as a result of this reckless act the epidemic moved to neighboring countries, where it was the beginning of its entry to us through Era portal It is a behavior, no matter how well-intentioned and folded, we will not find a way out from the circle of accusation with the intention of harming and expanding the epidemic in neighboring countries, otherwise it would not have been easier for them to take the same simple practical steps to prevent movement, and trapping the injured and their contacts in narrow geographical boundaries so that they are treated through The quarantine centers prepared for that .. But none of that happened, which strengthens the hypothesis of his delinquency towards (biological aggression) against his Arab neighbors.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken urgent, rapid and decisive steps in dealing with all recorded cases, and the Ministry of Health has established practical steps to thank a committee for following up the new corona in all cities of the Kingdom, so the result of that was witnessing the curtailment of the spread of the disease in our beloved land, and our dear homeland, compared to what We are seeing it in all countries of the world, the Kingdom is still persistent with this epidemic, absolute transparency, decisive treatment, and continuous awareness.

Distinctive steps in besieging the disease and wise and confident decisions in which precaution and proactive prevention in which all the agencies concerned unified to assure that the safety of the citizen and the resident is a top priority for this wise leadership, although there are some dissonant voices that wanted to appear in the appearance of the offender, and that their beliefs and exaggeration may prevent them from corona, Putting their lives, their families, and others at risk, insisting on performing their prayers in mosques, gatherings, and visits, which indicates a lack of a sense of responsibility, recklessness, and opennesses to directives, and others have made this epidemic a punishment from God because we are away from Him as if they had seen the unseen.

The elite of saying: that this global pandemic showed the mineral of the Kingdom and its position, and its ability to deal with global epidemics in a high sense of responsibility, looking at all possible directions and possibilities, and issuing directives necessary to reduce them, and to find what I liked what the Monetary Agency did by banning all funds coming from abroad As long as money circulation remains one of the means of transmission of the disease, which is a step that I have not had a counterpart in the rest of the world, indicating the Saudi foresight and the amount of eagerness and awareness enjoyed by his wise leadership. May God protect everyone and perpetuate your security and your strength, O nation.

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