The king of Koura ignites Instagram with a summer view


Lifestyle: The artist, King Koura, published through her personal account the social networking site for videos and photos, “Instagram”, a new image of her, in which she appeared with a summer look wearing an open dress on a beach.

King of Qura commented on the photo saying: Summer days g

The image won the admiration of many of its followers, and a large number of its fans interacted with it. The most prominent comments were as follows:

The minimum illuminated honey ???? ……… What moon is this …….. Beautiful, God willing

It is worth mentioning that the last works of the King of Qura were the series “A Reality”, by the scriptwriter Mohamed Refaat, and the production of Aroma, starring Karim Fahmy and Najla Badr, Ahmed Wafik, Nicolas Moawad, the Syrian star Abed Al-Fahd, King of Qura, Reem Mustafa, Nabil Al-Halfawi, Noha Abdeen.

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