The judiciary rejects minors and $ 1.6 million to launch Ronaldinho


A Brazilian media has released new information about the data leading to the imprisonment of former Brazilian star Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de Assis in Paraguay in a maximum security prison since March 6, as a preventive measure pending the completion of the investigation and the start of the trial after using forged passports.
The details said that despite the tempting offer made by the lawyers of the former Brazilian star to persuade the public prosecutor not to send him and his brother to prison, the proposal to release them on $ 1.6 million bail was rejected by Judge Gustavo Amarilla.
The judge considered the explanation of the refusal that the guarantee is insufficient because the economic ability of the former footballer is much greater, and he was also not convinced with a complementary offer to specify a palace in which Ronaldinho would be valued at 800 thousand euros as a proposal for house arrest. Absent.


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