The Jordanian Federation decides to suspend its activities for two weeks


The Jordanian Football Association decided on Thursday to suspend all its sports activities, for the various competitions and tournaments held under its umbrella for a period of two weeks, “as a precaution and a preventive measure, in light of the implications surrounding the renewed Corona virus.”

The General Secretary of the Federation, Samar Nassar, confirmed that the decision “includes the suspension of all activities, all competitions and all age groups, for clubs, national teams and promising centers, to ensure the safety of the game’s entire staff.”

The Federation indicated on its website to the continuation of its daily administrative work at its headquarters, during the tournaments’ pausing period, following at the same time, “all reports, instructions and instructions issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Health and the relevant authorities concerned”, also taking into account the recommendations of the International Federation and the Asian Football Al-Qadam, and their decisions aimed at delaying all current activities.

The Federation also recommended all football clubs to postpone their training and friendly matches, for various groups, during the period of suspension of activity.

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