The Japanese use worms to diagnose cancer


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The Japanese use worms to diagnose cancer

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Japanese scientists have devised a new method for diagnosing fifteen types of cancer, with an accuracy of 85%, and cost less than $ 90.

According to In Vivo, the worms used in this method are very small worms of the type Caenorhabditis elegans, where a person does not need to deal with it, but only a sample of his urine.

It should be noted that scientists have long been aware of the strong sense of smell in some creatures. So they began to look for an alternative method for the methods used to diagnose cancer, and among these creatures able to diagnose cancer dogs and rats. But scientists discovered that the sense of smell in these worms is stronger than the sense of smell in dogs one and a half times.

Takaki Hirootsu, president of Hirotsu Bio Science and a co-creator of the new method, notes that the innovative method is based on worms ’reactions to chemical irritants. Because the worms move toward the smell they like, and they “repel” those they didn’t like.

After scientists studied this behavior, it became clear to them that the urine smell of people with cancer attracted and alienated and did not care about the urine of non-infected people. Based on the results of two years of experiments, it became clear to the researchers that Caenorhabditis elegans worms can diagnose early stage cancer. Scientists have called their new method Nematode-NOSE.

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Hiroitsu notes that the equipment used in this method is already present in many Japanese hospitals, and foreign colleagues have shown an interest not only in innovation, but also expressed a desire to work together in the future.

He adds, in fact, these worms diagnose cancer, but without specifying the type, so researchers plan in the future to train them to sniff a specific type of cancer, including what is difficult to diagnose early.

A second study, published in the journal Biomarkers in Cancer, indicates that this new method can be used even after surgically removing the cancerous tumor, to ensure that there are no remnants of cancer in the body.

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