The Italian Football Federation chief sends a message of thanks to Juventus coach and stars


The Italian Football Confederation president, Gabriel Gravina, praised Juventus, noting that it is an example of the entire system after its players accepted their pay cuts.

Juventus had announced in an official statement, that it had reached an agreement with its players on reducing their wages in light of the current crisis and the outbreak of the Corona virus.

“The agreement reached by Juventus is an example of the entire system,” Gravina said in his comments to the Italian news agency ANSA.

He added: “I thank Giorgio Kellini, his colleagues and coach Mauricio Sari for putting public interests at the center of their talks with the club, which is the cooperation that the Italian Federation hopes to achieve these days.”

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“Unity and solidarity in the world of football is the first major response to the emergency we are going through, and this may become more dangerous if we do not resume playing soon,” Gravina emphasized.

He concluded: “Only by the contribution of all the champions, each of them playing their role, will we make football stronger.”


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