The Israeli President: We will cooperate with Egypt and the peoples of the region in combating the Corona virus


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that his country “will cooperate in every possible way with Egypt and the people of the region”, in combating the spread of the Corona virus emerging (Covid 19), according to the “Israel in Arabic” account of the Israeli Foreign Ministry on Twitter, Thursday.

The Israeli President received the Egyptian Ambassador in Tel Aviv Khaled Azmi, against the background of the crisis of the spread of Corona virus in the Middle East region, according to the Israeli President’s Twitter account.

In his Twitter account, the President of Israel confirmed that he had told the Egyptian ambassador during his meeting with him that “Israel will work to strengthen cooperation with Egypt and the peoples of the region in fighting the Corona epidemic.”

The Israeli authorities have not announced any details about the shape of this cooperation with Egypt or the people of the region.

Egypt has good diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv, against the backdrop of the peace agreement signed between the two countries in 1979.

Two days ago, the Egyptian authorities announced a partial curfew in the country as part of measures to counter the spread of Corona virus, while the Egyptian Ministry of Health recorded 456 cases of HIV and 21 deaths since the outbreak of the disease.

Israel has recorded 2,495 cases and 5 deaths from the emerging coronavirus, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.


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