The International Space Station is a tourist destination in 2021!


And eight people have already, as tourists, made a trip to the International Space Station with Russian “Soyuz” missiles.

The first of them was Dennis Tito, who paid $ 20 million in 2001 to stay eight days on the International Space Station. The last of them was Canadian founder Cirque du Soleil Guy Guy Lalberthe in 2009.

In February, SpiceX announced another partnership with Spice Adventures to send four tourists to Earth orbit at an altitude that no special trip has yet reached.

This trip is expected to be organized at the end of the year 2021, but it may be postponed to the year 2022.

Virgin Galactic, owned by Britain’s Richard Branson and “Blue Origin” by Jeff Bezouth, is the world’s richest person, in space tourism.

And they are developing vehicles that can send passengers on a journey that lasts a few minutes and exceeds the limits of space (80 to 100 km, according to the definition of each of the two companies) in exchange for $ 250,000 or more for Virgin Galactic.

However, what is proposed by the company “Spice X” is more ambitious, as flights are carried out by the reusable “Falcon 9” missile, which also places satellites in orbit, and will later transport the astronauts to the International Station.

Boeing is also developing for the US space agency (NASA), the “Starliner” spacecraft, to reach the International Space Station. Boeing also aspires to organize tourist trips, but software problems hinder the development of Starliner.


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