The identity of the suicide bombers of Tunisia .. And their remains were blown up on the roof of a building


Source: Tunisia- Monia Ghanmi

Initial information indicated that the terrorists who carried out the suicide bombing that targeted a security patrol near the American embassy in the Beheira district in Tunis, on Friday afternoon, were called Muhammad Sanim al-Zunaidi and Khubayb Luka.

Al-Zunaidi is 29 years old, and he is born in the city of Marsa and lives in the direction of generosity, on the outskirts of the capital Tunis.

The preliminary data also indicated that these two terrorists are known to the security services, as they have criminal records, and they spent a prison sentence for belonging to a terrorist organization, and they got out of it recently.

In addition, the security authorities said that the terrorists used a large amount of explosives, which explains the force of the bombing, which damaged some buildings close to the location of the terrorist operation.

Explosives and body parts

The spokesman for the Judicial Pole of Terrorism stated that the terrorists used a large amount of explosives, and the motorcycle was booby-trapped.

While the head of the forensic medicine department at Charles Nicole Hospital in the capital said that he found some parts of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in the lake at distances of more than 150 meters, and another on the roof of one of the neighboring buildings.

One security element was killed and 6 wounded

It is noteworthy that the attack resulted, according to the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior, to the death of a police officer as a result of wounds sustained during the twin suicide attack on the security forces.

It also clarified in a statement that two people targeted, on Friday, at 11:00 am (10:00 GMT) “a security patrol in Al-Buhaira 2 area on the street opposite the American embassy, ​​by blowing themselves up,” adding that they were killed during the operation, while six others were wounded.

From the detonation site
From the detonation site

In a later statement, the Ministry of Interior announced that First Lieutenant Tawfiq Muhammad al-Misawi was killed in the attack.

While the US embassy announced in a brief statement on its Facebook page that “the emergency teams responded to the explosion that occurred near the American embassy. And called for the lack of presence in the region, monitoring the media and following security instructions.”

In addition, the vicinity of the attack witnessed a security alert, as all security units were put on high alert to face any developments.

From the detonation site
From the detonation site

Pictures of panicked pedestrians showed near the embassy headquarters in the banks of the lake, a few kilometers from the center of the capital, which witnessed the explosion late in the morning.

Previous terrorist attacks

It is noteworthy that Tunisia is still living on the impact of attacks by gunmen, targeting at various times security forces, the police, the army, and tourists, perhaps the largest of which was the Bardo Museum attack five years ago.

On June 27, 2019, two suicide bombings took place in the Tunisian capital, the first targeted a police car on Charles de Gaulle Street, near the French embassy, ​​and wounded two security men and 3 civilians, while the second targeted the anti-terrorist unit, leaving 4 injuries of varying severity among the security forces.

The month of March 2016 witnessed bloody events. On the seventh day of the month, the city of Benqardan, on the border with Libya, was subjected to an attempt by gunmen to control it, which led to intermittent clashes with the security forces that lasted until the ninth of March, and led to dozens of deaths and injuries.

Tunisian security forces in front of the Bardo Museum
Tunisian security forces in front of the Bardo Museum

The most prominent attack in Tunisia in recent years remains the one that targeted the Bardo Museum on March 18, 2015, when two armed men stormed the most important museums in the capital, killing 22 people, mostly foreign tourists, and wounding 45 others, and the Special Forces killed the gunmen. The two are inside the museum.

In addition, on June 26, 2015, the coastal city of Sousse was attacked, killing 38 tourists and wounding 39 others, after a gunman attacked a hotel in the beaches of the tourist resort in Marsa Kantaoui. The security forces killed the perpetrator during the attack.

Also on November 24, 2015, a gunman blew himself up on a bus on Avenue Mohamed V in Tunis, killing 12 Tunisian presidential security personnel.

On October 30, 2013, a suicide bomber blew himself up in one of the beaches of the city of Sousse, after he failed to storm the “Riad Al-Nakhil” hotel, and the attack resulted in no death or injury other than his perpetrator.


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