The healthy “nebrich” hookahs … is not healthy


The Lebanese excel in their attempts to circumvent the Corona virus … but to no avail, it seems. After proven hookah damage to transmit the virus infection if used by more than one person (other than its harmful effects), smokers resorted to “nebrich” plastic, which is used once to prevent the transmission of infection. And since Lebanon is “unique”, among a few countries that are endemic today, with the spread of the nargile phenomenon, health rumors about the “magic bush” have turned into “facts” that many believed.Transparent plastic hose that is used only once before it is thrown. It was available in hookah shops and accessories and in cafes since before the “Corona crisis”, but the demand for it was “very limited”, according to Abdul Hammam, the owner of a hookah store in Sarafand. Previously, its price was no more than 500 Lebanese pounds. To exceed the day 2000. After the decisions to close cafes and “cafes” and the demand for ready-made “delivery of arugel” decreased, Khartoum was an alternative for many, as it is “healthy and does not transmit germs,” ​​according to Hammam, who understands that “doctors decide whether it is healthy or not.” .
The specialist in bacterial and infectious diseases, Ghinwa El-Daqdouki, confirmed in connection with Al-Akhbar that the plastic hookah “nebrich” does not protect against viruses. “Whoever takes the hookah cannot escape two dangerous risks: immune deficiency and smoke. Smoking in general leads to a decrease in the body’s immunity, which exposes the smoker to the possibility of infection with any viral infection. As for the “nabriesh”, the hookah does not abbreviate it. “When a person breathes smoke of a hookah, the mist from his mouth and lung into the air spreads to those around him, even if he uses the hose alone, especially since it is known that the person may not exhibit symptoms. This is in addition to the possibility of germs picking up just by carrying the hookah and transferring it from one hand to another.


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