The Health Authority told Al-Bayan: 8 thermal cameras to detect corona at Dubai airports


Dr. Badria Al Harami, Director of the Public Health Department at the Dubai Health Authority, confirmed that the measures taken by the UAE to monitor and investigate through the country’s air, land and sea ports have proven highly efficient in detecting cases of the emerging coronavirus «Covid 19» that may enter the country.

Noting that there are 8 thermal detectors in Dubai airports, in addition to a number of other detectors in the Dubai ports and the Hatta port, all of which operate with high efficiency under the supervision of a group of specialized doctors from the Health Authority, noting that the highest standards of precautionary and preventive measures are applied through Dubai outlets.

Dr. Badria Al-Harami told Al-Bayan that as soon as it was found that one of the people arriving, the cameras showed that he had known symptoms of corona such as fever or cough and cough accompanied by shortness of breath, his condition would be immediately evaluated after taking his medical history, and in case of suspicion that he was pregnant For the disease, he is referred to the hospital for laboratory examination.

In the event that the tests indicate that he is a carrier of the Coronavirus, he will be placed in the health isolation of the specified hospitals, and that he will start providing health care for him.


Then, the health authorities will communicate with all the passengers on the plane who entered the emirate, and they will be called in to check, so that all relevant examinations will be done for them.

Al-Harami clarified the difference between sanitary isolation and quarantine, saying: “Isolation is the place in which injured or suspected persons are detained or isolated until the confirmation of their injury, and it is only in hospitals, and quarantine, which is an isolated place where healthy people are quarantined without the appearance Symptoms of the disease on them who had contact with the sick person.

And the quarantine for a specific period varies from one disease to another, and in the case of Corona lasts 14 days, and it is not required to be inside hospitals, but rather it is far away in separate buildings from health facilities, and even the home can be a place for quarantine », confirming that all these procedures First, it aims to protect the person himself, and secondly to protect members of society, especially as the disease is transmitted by flying mist from coughing and sneezing.

Dr. Badria Al-Harami confirmed the efficiency and ability of physicians treating in the state to deal with such cases, as evidence of the number of cases that were cured of the disease after receiving appropriate care in hospitals.


She said that the most important methods of preventing the disease are washing hands with soap and water regularly for a period of no less than 20 seconds, as well as using a hand sanitizer and adopting healthy methods when sneezing and coughing, and being careful to avoid approaching people with respiratory symptoms, in addition to beware of traveling to countries Infected, noting that all the precautionary measures taken by the state are to protect and protect members of society, and out of its concern for the safety of citizens and residents on the territory of the state.



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