The Governmental Services Continuity Committee stresses the importance of providing the best integrated smart services – across the Emirates – news and reports


The government of the UAE has confirmed its complete readiness to provide all vital services to all customers with high efficiency, a translation of the leadership directions in employing smart services and the advanced technology system that it has developed over the past years to facilitate the delivery of services and their achievement quickly and easily, and enhance communication with customers in all their whereabouts.

This came during the first meeting of the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee, which was held “remotely” in implementation of the Cabinet’s decision at its last session, and discussed ways to ensure the continuity of government services to all members of the UAE community in various circumstances through digital and smart channels, and support efforts to meet Challenges of the spread of the emerging corona virus “Covid 19”, and limiting its effects on all sectors.

Mohamed bin Tali’a, Assistant Director General of Governmental Services at the Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the future head of the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee, stressed that the customers are the focus of the UAE government’s interest and that their safety and comfort are at the top of their priorities, and that the government has worked during the past years to adopt And the development of concepts and innovative work tools and smart services that suit all challenges, embodying the directives of rational leadership to achieve the highest levels of readiness and continuity in providing government services and reaching customers in different times and conditions.

He said that the readiness of government agencies has facilitated the continuity of providing the best government services from a distance, that meets the aspirations of customers with efficiency and high flexibility, responds to their inquiries, and reaches them in their whereabouts, to avoid exposing them to any risks that might be imposed by the spread of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), within the framework of Comprehensive national efforts to tackle the virus and maintain community safety.

Bin Talia added that the federal government agencies are ready to provide their services to customers via smart channels with efficiency and high quality and to find quick and effective solutions to various challenges, noting that the government of the UAE has been able to build an advanced work system that enabled it to provide 95% of services via smart channels by 180 services, pointing However, during the past three weeks, 3 million transactions were completed via smart platforms, which confirms readiness to deal with various challenges.

The members of the committee stressed the need to intensify the efforts of the entities to enhance community awareness and encourage it to achieve the maximum benefit from the smart services platforms provided via digital channels to the government of the UAE remotely instead of visiting service centers, and the need to coordinate all parties with the committee in all actions that affect the functioning of government services , And ensure it is provided to the community remotely.

The meeting stressed the importance of strengthening communication with customers in their whereabouts through the unified National Call Center “Tawasul 171”, and discussed the launch of a digital guidebook for the implementation of government services via smart platforms through the official portal of the UAE government on the link, and the launch of the service “Connect” Priority government services for senior citizens and people of determination in their places of residence to avoid the hassle of personal attendance at service centers, review the latest global developments, and the efforts of the UAE to face the challenge of the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and ways to protect community members from the consequences of the disease, and discussed the list The number of priority services and agency actions to reduce customer visits to service centers.

It is worth noting that in its last session, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, “God bless him,” the Cabinet approved the formation of the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee, which oversees the readiness of ministries and government agencies to continue working in Remaining urgent challenges related to reducing the effects of the emerging corona virus, overseeing the application of the principles of continuity and flexibility in services, and responding to queries from agencies, in order to unify national efforts to respond and address the virus.



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