The government is considering imposing a tax on wealth .. The owners of these sums will be affected!


The newspaper “Al-Akhbar” wrote under the title “The government is studying the tax on wealth”: “Yesterday, the date for the” Eurobonds “which the government decided not to pay, was pending the restructuring of the public debt in full. It is assumed that the economic plan established by the government to complete the failure Payment in the coming days In parallel, the debate revolves around the possibility of imposing a tax on wealth, targeting the owners of large deposits. Ideas are still in the making, as the financial ceiling for this tax has not yet been determined. There are many options, including those that limit the tax to deposits that exceed 300 thousand dollars, including those that call for an inventory of those who exceed h Saba banker million dollars, which is equivalent to only 1% of holders of deposits There are those who offer an exception 86% of bank accounts, i.e. those who do not exceed a deposit of each of 75 million Lebanese pounds. However, the discussion in this hypothesis lacks details of Whether the tax on wealth that will be imposed only once will be progressive or not.These measures and other possibilities for a “haircut” procedure are under discussion between the prime ministerial team and the political forces supporting the failure to pay Eurobonds. Among the ideas placed on the research table, how to deal with internal debt, that is, treasury bonds.

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