The Golden Globe Awards facilitate conditions in the time of Corona


The Golden Globe Awards facilitate conditions in the time of Corona

Film screening faced a real crisis as the virus spread (Getty)

March 27

Hollywood finds itself forced to adapt to new situations resulting from the outbreak of the new Corona virus, with movie theaters closed and home stone stars committed, and the Golden Globe Awards announced Thursday, softening the criteria for their choice of winners.

The Golden Globe Awards, similar to the Academy Awards and most cinematic awards, require that, in natural circumstances, competing films be shown in Los Angeles lounges for at least a certain period. However, this became impossible at the present time with the spread of the “Coved 19” epidemic, which prompted the Hollywood Association for Foreign Press, which awards prizes, to draw lessons. April, even if the party is eventually canceled. It will be possible to nominate works that were broadcast live on TV or viewing platforms such as “Netflix”.With regard to the screening of films, it is allowed during the quarantine period to send internet links or DVDs, while the studios usually organize special shows invited by the jury members. The Oscars Awards Committee, which is usually distributed two months after the Golden Globe Awards, has not announced any change in its work system. But a spokesman for the Academy Awards confirmed to “AFP” that it “is studying all aspects of this situation, which is surrounded by mystery and amendments that may be necessary.” The Academy affirmed, “We pledge to show flexibility,” and “an announcement will be issued in the coming days.”

Some festivals have been forced to acclimatize to urgent situations, such as the “South Bay Southwest” festival in Austin (Texas, USA), which is a “qualified festival” for the Academy Awards. This festival was canceled due to the epidemic, but it kept its matches even without organizing a party, contented with viewing films online for the jury.(AFP)

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