The “giant worm” decorates the sky next Sunday


The “giant worm” decorates the sky next Sunday


Astronomy lovers and star-watching fans will watch an exciting event next Sunday evening, with the appearance of the giant worm moon, an event in which our moon will be larger and brighter than usual.
The full moon occurs when it is located on the other side of the earth like the sun, which means that its face will be fully lit.
During its completion, the moon will also be in its orbit closest to Earth, which means that it will appear more in the night sky.
This astronomical event will be visible to the naked eye, so there will be no need to use expensive equipment to see the giant full moon.
The Super Worm Moon will be visible throughout the night of 9 October. Badr March bears the name Moonworm, because it appears at the beginning of the spring, when temperatures often begin to rise, as the ice melts, and then earthworms and other animals appear on the surface. The full moon also has other names, all linked to the calendar of farmers, such as “Raven Moon”, “Sugar Moon” and others.
And if you missed the giant worm moon, do not worry, because Badr this month is the second giant moon out of the four giant moons will witness in 2020, as it is expected that the other two giant moons will appear on April 8 and May 7.


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