The general index of the Saudi stock market rose at the beginning amid a collective rise of sectors


The general index of the Saudi stock market “Tassi”, at the beginning of Tuesday’s trading session, in the middle of the week’s sessions, increased by 1.16%, gaining 73.85 points, to reach the level of 6447.14 points, and the parallel market index increased by 4.67%, gaining 257.39 points, to a level of 5774.22 points .

Trading volume on the Saudi Stock Exchange at the beginning of trading reached 59.7 million shares, at a value of 1.2 billion riyals, and 181 shares rose, while 6 shares declined.

20 sectors rose in the Saudi market led by the media and entertainment sector by 2.74%, followed by the telecommunications sector by 2.72%, followed by the insurance sector by 2.32%, then the transportation and public utilities sectors by 2.12%, then the consumer services sector by 2.05%, then the capital goods sector by 1.92%, then the commercial and professional services sector by 1.84%, then the food production sector by 1.78%, then the luxury goods retail sector by 1.76%, then the investment and finance sector by 1.63%, then the basic materials sector by 1.35%, then the energy sector by 0.84 %.

“National” came, at the top of the green list, with a growth rate of 9.99%, then FIPCO shares by 9.52%, then Seiko shares by 7.55%, while “Jabal Omar” came on top of the red list with a decrease of 1.75%, then “Al-Araby” By 1.11%, then “Squarebabel Wright”, by 0.28%.

In another context, the Securities Depository Center (Deposit) Company announced the application of the increase in the total value of Saudi government sukuk issuances in riyals (05-10-2019) and (10-10-2019) on the center’s accounts for eligible shareholders today, Tuesday.


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