The French Athletics Federation joins those demanding the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics


Voices calling for the postponement of the games have escalated in the past two days, against the backdrop of the “Covid-19” epidemic that claimed more than 13,000 casualties, especially in light of the wide restrictions currently imposed on movement and travel, which negatively affect the preparations of athletes for the biggest event in their career.

The invitations come in light of the insistence of the International Olympic and local organizers to prepare for the Games as scheduled (24 July – 9 August), and considering that any decision on its fate is still premature.

“The world of sports agrees that it is not possible to hold the games on time,” French Federation Federation President André Jiro told AFP, referring to invitations issued in the past two days by several parties, such as the American and French Swimming Federations, and the American and Spanish Athletic Federations. , And the Norwegian Olympic Committee.

“Supposing that the crisis was contained by the end of May, the games should be postponed until the fall. The third plan will be a six-month delay or a year.”

Jiro’s position coincided with the announcement of French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand that he did not favor sending his country’s athletes to participate in the Summer Olympics.

“Do I have the authority to demand, as Minister of Health, the suspension of the Olympic Games? No. Do I think it is possible to send athletes to Japan or ask them to prepare in good conditions? No,” he said.

“We cannot accept the idea that the International Olympic Committee does not listen to the first Olympic sport (athletics),” said Giroud, recalling the talk of the head of the International Federation of the British Mother of Nations, Sebastian Coe, who chaired the London Olympics 2012 Organizing Committee, who did not exclude the postponement of the 2020 Olympics.

In addition to the fact that the preparations and training of athletes are now almost impossible in light of the spread of the “Covid 19” virus, Jiro asked, “How can eleven thousand athletes be gathered in the Olympic Village in less than four months?”

“So let the International Olympic say + we are studying several solutions + it will be a good thing,” he added. “The athletes are going through a difficult period and we have to assure them. We cannot wait (…) I invite the French Olympic Committee to act with the International Committee. A unified national position must be taken.” .

Gero stressed that “the position of the French Olympic Committee will reflect the position of the federations,” noting that he sent to the federations a survey form requesting the answer by Tuesday, in order to reach a conclusion and take a common position.

Despite her stated determination to prepare for the Games on time, the International Olympic Committee this week asked the National Olympic Committees to know the impact of the emerging Corona virus crisis on the athletes’ preparations.

“Of course we are studying different scenarios, but unlike many sports or professional championships, we are still four and a half months away from the Games,” German International Olympic President Thomas Bach said in comments to the New York Times this week.

He continued, “For us (the postponement) will not be a responsible step now, and it will be premature to start speculation or take a decision, at a time when we do not yet have any recommendation from the special working committee” that was formed to discuss this matter.


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