The former Doctor’s Syndicate explains the stages of his infection with the Corona virus


After he recovered and moved to the domestic quarantine, the former head of the Doctors ’Association, Professor Raymond Al Sayegh, issued a statement explaining the stages of his infection with the Coronavirus.He said: “On March 12, I entered the Hotel Dieu Hospital due to pneumonia resulting from infection with the Coronavirus, where I spent six days in one of the rooms in the department designated for Corona and then five days in the intensive care room, where there was a possibility of the need for artificial respiration, but It was avoided in the last moments, and after five days in the care room, I spent a similar period in an isolation room and from there to the quarantine house, which is far from all people, including the family. “

Al-Sayegh thanked the medical staff in the hospital, the health care staff, nurses, assistants, and all the employees in the department who give everything they have in direct contact with the patients, and the hospital that put all its capabilities at their disposal.Based on his experience, Al-Sayegh called for providing effective, real-time emergency health assistance specifically to all government hospitals that took it upon themselves to receive Corona patients, and private hospitals that were also involved in this confrontation, stressing the importance of efforts to secure more of

He said: “We must be present, and we qualify a large number of beds and rooms. We hope that we do not need it, but if we need it and do not find it, we will face a real catastrophe.”

Al-Sayegh called on all Lebanese and all residents of Lebanese lands to adhere to the complete home quarantine, instructions and instructions, in order to avoid infection.


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