The Food and Drug Administration announces the launch of an interactive platform for food importers in Saudi Arabia


The Food and Drug Authority launched an interactive platform dedicated to food importers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (, during a meeting held through video communication with food companies, with a view to discussing the most important challenges and obstacles facing them in the import process, and to suggest solutions Supporting it under current conditions in the world, due to Corona virus Covid 19.

The Executive Chairman of the authority, Dr. Hisham bin Saad Al-Jadhaei, stressed the keenness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the health of the citizen and the resident and ensuring the availability of food and medicine, noting that all relevant government agencies are taking all necessary measures to seriously deal with this pandemic and the quick steps to deal with it Through the formation of specialized committees to follow the developments of the health status of the Corona virus and other measures and precautions taken by the country.

Dr. Al-Jadhaei added that launching the interactive platform for food importers in the Kingdom is one of the practical steps to ensure the authority’s communication with the private sector, overcoming any challenges facing the food or medicine sectors, facilitating procedures for clearing consignments, and reducing the requirements of some documents that do not affect food safety.

With regard to the pharmaceutical sector, the CEO of Food and Drugs pointed out during his meeting with the pharmaceutical companies through the visual communication service that the Authority had taken a decision to stop the operations of exporting medicines, pharmaceutical preparations, medical devices and supplies within precautionary measures to ensure their availability in the Kingdom and their availability to the citizen and the resident, focusing on the role of National factories, as well as companies that import international drugs, cover the need and increase their stock of raw materials and medicines.

Dr. Al-Jadai stressed the need for all companies to move early to face any challenge that might occur in the future, beneficial that the authority worked to speed up the registration procedures and define a basic list of medicines while ensuring that stock is available to them, stressing that the initiatives and facilities implemented by the authority do not mean leniency in safety and effectiveness pharmaceutical.

He explained that the food and medicine continue to coordinate with pharmaceutical companies to solve any obstacles they may face, in addition to arranging them with the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Saudi Airlines to provide special aircraft to import medicines or facilitate transportation.

During the two meetings, listening to a set of suggestions and challenges facing the food and drug companies and directing their solution through communication with officials of the Food and Drug Authority and all government sectors and the embassies of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the countries of the world.

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