The first public appearance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Britain after their royal separation … photos


Today, Thursday, the first public appearance of Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, in Britain, after they announced the abandonment of their royal status in January.

Photographers monitored the couple, as they arrived at the annual Andover Foundation Awards in Madison House, in the British capital, London, under heavy rains, and seemed very confident and happy.

The ceremony honors the winners of the Invictis competitions, for veterans and injured NATO soldiers, who performed impressive sporting challenges during 2019.

Presence is represented Duke and Duchess of Sussex The awards ceremony, today, is one of their last assignments as royal individuals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will stop performing their royal duties at the end of March, in exchange for a “progressive new role”, centered mainly within North America, through which they aim to finance themselves financially.

Harry and Meghan’s clothes were dyed blue, as he wore a dark blue jumpsuit, a white shirt and a blue tie, while Meghan Markle dressed in a turquoise dress.

Nearly 50 people stood behind the barriers, in the rain, to look at the Duchess and Duchess of Sussex, and met them with applause and cheers.

But the biggest focus was on Megan Markle, Which she had not seen in Britain, since she and her husband had announced their renunciation of their royal status and financial independence from the British royal family.

In January, the couple Harry and Meghan Markle agreed with Queen Elizabeth, Harry’s grandmother, that they would not continue working as individuals in the royal family after they suddenly announced their desire to seek a “new progressive role” that they hoped would fund themselves.

Prince Harry and Meghan announced that they will officially step down from their role in the royal family at the end of next March.

And across Harry His grief for having to give up his royal duties, Saying that there is no other option if he and his wife, Megan Markle, desire a future independent of the stifling media interference in their lives.

Under the agreement, Harry will remain a prince, and the couple will retain the title of “Duke and Duchess of Sussex” in a new life between Britain and North America, where they will spend most of the time.


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