The first president to quarry himself because of Corona


Source: Lisbon – France Press

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza announced on Sunday that he has imposed a quarantine on himself as a preventive measure, suspending any general activity in Portugal and abroad for two weeks.

He attributed his unprecedented decision to contact with schoolchildren in northern Portugal last week, which were later closed after an emerging infection with the Corona virus.

But a statement to the presidency clarified that “neither the student who was transferred to the hospital nor his class participated in this meeting” with the president.

He added that the president “has not shown any symptoms” and will continue his activities from the presidential palace.

The statement indicated that the president decided to abide by the health authorities ’recommendations because he considered that it should be a” role model. ”

Portugal has been witnessing a high number of injuries since Corona, especially in the north, since Saturday, and this number has exceeded twenty confirmed cases.

The authorities announced a series of preventive measures in the north of the country, such as the suspension of visits to hospitals, shelters and prisons, and the closure of a school and facilities belonging to two universities.

Health Minister Marta Timedo said that corona infections among people who went to these places were “confirmed”, which “increases the risk of infection in these institutions.”


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