The first comment by “Ansar Allah” on Saudi Arabia’s call for dialogue in Riyadh


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A leader of the “Ansar Allah group” (Houthis) commented on the statements of the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, regarding his country inviting the group and the Yemeni government to peace talks in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

A member of the political bureau of “Ansar Allah”, and a member of its negotiating delegation, Abdul Malik Al-Ajri, said in a tweet on his account on Twitter: “It is not correct, neither logically nor politically, to sponsor war and sponsor reconciliation at the same time. “.

“Since you chose to sponsor the war of aggression, you have set your position on the negotiating table as an opponent and it is not correct to ask yourself any other characteristic,” he added.

Al-Ajri considered that Saudi Arabia is “in the position of the person invited for dialogue, not in the position of the one who calls for it.”

The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, said, “The kingdom is holding daily talks with the Iranian-backed Houthis, and it has invited the representatives of the Houthis and the internationally recognized Yemeni government to peace talks in Riyadh.”

The American Wall Street Journal quoted the Saudi ambassador as saying that “the proposal to hold talks to end the five-year war is still on the table despite the escalation of violence a few days ago,” noting that “the Houthis have not yet responded to the offer.”

Al Jaber said, “Saudi officials spoke with their Houthi counterparts yesterday to confirm that the air strikes on Sanaa were in response to the ballistic missile attacks that took place last Saturday, and not aimed at escalating the conflict.”

“We are committed to reducing the escalation, and we are ready for a ceasefire in all Yemeni lands if they accept that,” he added.


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