The first case of Corona installed in the Petra Douma .. The municipality appeals to the residents to adhere to the home quarantine


The petroleum municipality of Douma announced the appearance of the first case of corona in the town, and issued a statement indicating that “after the emergence of the case of” Corona “and its confirmation in the laboratory, the municipality has conducted careful research and investigations to show that the injured was born in Tannourine and lives in Douma, and that he met a few of the town and rubbed They are on social occasions, but in a timid manner, and he is under medical supervision and follow-up by the municipality, “according to the National Media Agency. And called on “everyone to adhere to the home stone and not to go out except when absolutely necessary, to take one person from each family member the task of leaving with the taking of all preventive measures.”

She stressed that “she will write records of the right of every person who violates and does not adhere to the preventive measures, especially wearing gloves and girdles.” She also stressed “allowing entry to the town only for humanitarian cases to secure food and medicines for pharmacies and fuels and a visit to the doctor, within the preventive conditions.”

And adopted a measure that prohibited itinerant bread vendors and restricted the distribution of bread in the town to Mr. Wassim Hanna Shalhoub, starting on Tuesday morning, the 24th of this month. The municipality of Douma concluded its statement by announcing the prevention of gatherings of all kinds, and for any reason, subject to legal prosecution.

The mayor, Dr. Asad Issa, also pointed out that “the infection is imported from outside the town and from outside the Batroun region,” and stressed that “the content of the statement must be carried out under penalty of accountability,” stressing “not to be tolerated by anyone because the health of our people is a priority and we will not allow indulgence to harm Anyone from our town. ”

He pointed out that “the injured family is currently implementing preventive home quarantine in its home in Beirut.”


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