The first appearance of the counselor, Al-Sheikh, after hints that he would suffer a second health problem


After alluding that he was exposed to a second health problem, Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, appeared in a new image and showed signs of fatigue and stress.

Turkish Chancellor Al-Sheikh
Turkish Chancellor Al-Sheikh

In a previous tweet by Turkish Chancellor Al-Sheikh, he alluded to a health problem again after he underwent surgery earlier this year in a hospital in New York City to remove a tumor, saying: “All that I have modified is one that tends to the second.”

Al-Sheikh wrote, through his Twitter account: “He does not know the suffering of the disease or its difficulties except those who are afflicted with it. My Lord does not show you anything wrong, diseases are a plight of God, and we testify to God that we are patient and reckoned with wages.

On the other hand, Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, commented on the fact that he interfered with the renewal of Ahmed Fathi’s contract, with Al-Ahly Club, or the festival’s captain Hossam Ashour’s retirement festival..

Turki Al-Sheikh wrote on his personal page on the social networking site Facebook: “Good evening, I hope you are fine in these difficult circumstances for the whole world. I wanted to clarify that there is no truth in my relationship with the transfer of any player or sponsor a festival to retire any player or renew for any player, and I clarified My position is for weeks, and I hope that my name will not be entrenched in any dialogue. May God protect Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the whole world, pray for me. “


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