The fact that the world star Shah Rukh Khan appeared in the series “Wasl Amana”


A picture has emerged that includes the Egyptian theater star Mustafa Khater and the Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan inside the scenes of the filming of the series “insurance paper“It is scheduled to be shown during the Ramadan drama season, and some thought that he was Shah Rukh Khan, but the fact of the matter is that he is a person who resembles the international artist and appears in the events of the series as SRK in a comic scene with Mustafa Khater, the great resemblance between them.

The idea of ​​the series is comic and revolves in separate continuous episodes around two unemployed youths involved in signing trust receipts and looking for a job to pay off debts. Events depend on the emergence of more than one star as an honorary guest during the episodes due to the nature of the work.

The series “Wasl Amana”, produced by Synergy Company, written by Farouk Hashem and Mustafa Omar, and starring Ali Rabei, Mustafa Khater, Muhammad Mahmoud, Mohsen Mansour and Nihal Anbar, and a number of guests of honor. The work records the first cooperation between Rabi and Khater in TV drama.

It is noteworthy that the Indian star Shah Rukh, nicknamed “King of Bollywood”, commented on the repercussions of India’s response to the Corona virus, in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter, saying: “Safety is our priority.”“.

“In coordination with officials and the government, the situation will be closely monitored, so the fate of the league will be decided. I am also excited to see our favorite game, but the health situation is the most important at the moment.



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