The fact that the famous dancer marries the singer “Bint Neighbors” (photo)


Many of the followers of the dancer, Johara, were surprised by the spread of news alleging her marriage to Omar Kamal, the festival singer who achieved great success during the last period by presenting two songs, “Bint Al Jeeran” and “Oud Al Batal”.

But hours after the news spread, Omar Kamal decided to break his silence and reveal the whole truth, explaining that their marriage would only be through a work of art that would soon bring them together, and he did not reveal his details.

Omar Kamal, who was quoted by one of the sites as statements confirming his marriage to a jewel, caused himself to develop a major crisis and prompted social media pioneers to accuse him of promoting this rumor in order to lead the trend, especially as the success of his songs is always attributed to his partner, singer Hassan Shakush.

But Omar Kamal confirmed that his statements were misunderstood and that he was talking about artwork.


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