The fact of the death of the Egyptian artist Mahmoud Yassin


Some reports have, during the past hours, news about the death of the Egyptian artist, Mahmoud Yassin, months after announcing his retirement and his absence from the artistic and media scene.The captain of the acting professions in Egypt, Ashraf Zaki, denied the death of Mahmoud Yassin, stressing that these words are completely disgraceful to health.

He said, “The artist Mahmoud Yassin is in good health and is well-dressed, and what is published about him are nothing but baseless rumors.” In a related context, the scenario confirmed Amr Mahmoud Yassin that his father, Mahmoud Yassin, is currently in good health.He said through his official account on the site “Facebook” for social communication: “The father is fine, praise be to God .. And may God guide the rumor promoters who do not know I want to, frankly, the story at all, not using psychological pressures from all directions.”

It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Yassin has been in his house for some time, after presenting his latest cinematic work “Jeddo Habibi” in 2012 with the director Ali Idris.



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