The exchange rate of the dollar is increasing significantly


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The exchange rate of the dollar is increasing significantly, today, Sunday 22 March 2020 12:23 in the morning

Today, Thursday, March 19, the dollar exchange rate rose significantly against the lira, as the level of demand for the dollar increased and supply declined. Today, the exchange price of the cashiers was recorded at 2,650 pounds to the dollar, and at least 2,500 pounds to buy, amid the reluctance of a number of money changers to sell the dollar.

It is worth mentioning that the Bank of Lebanon had issued two weeks ago a circular that was directed to exchange institutions, in which it requested exceptional compliance with a maximum of the purchase price of foreign currencies against the Lebanese pound, not exceeding 30 percent of the price determined by the Bank of Lebanon in its dealings with banks, except that a number Many cashiers did not meet the fixed price at the moment.

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