The epidemic hits the music “streaming”


As millions around the world adhere to the home stone as the new Corona virus spreads, viewership levels on digital broadcasting platforms (such as “Netflix” and “Disney Plus”) have increased significantly (relative to the numbers released by the “Nielsen Media Research”). However, this did not apply to the services of “Starming”. And in a report published recently by the American “Variety” magazine, it turned out that platforms such as “Spotify” and “Apple Music” recorded a decline of 7.3 percent in the period between March 13 and March 19, according to Alpha Data. Despite this negative result, workers in the field of making and broadcasting music are not pessimistic or surprised. The issue for them seems natural, given that people are currently focusing on television news and options, in light of the stopping of daily traffic, as many people listen to music. In the shadow of the stone, many also prefer to broadcast the same articles, especially those intended for children. However, this decline did not translate into a decrease in revenue since users usually do not stop their contributions even when they stop listening, especially during this period.In this context, it should be noted that, based on patterns from some European markets and the data tracked in the last period, analysts expect that the audio will continue to decline.


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